Seaport Transport

Seaport Transport SystemEdit

"The Seaport Transport System" was founded in 1949 in Seaport, New Zealand. SPTS has founded Buslines, Taxi Companys and Subwaylines, SPTS also is 50% responsible for keeping the streets clean and ready for drving on, SPTS founded its first Busline in 1949 by 1955 it was used by thousands a day, in 1961 SPTS founded a taxi company named, Seaport Cab, the company picks and drops off anywhere within the city limits.


In 1950 Seaports first busline was founded by SPTS, the busline was named SPTS BUS-WAY, it is also refered to as just Bus-way, today it is used very heavily by the citizens of Seaport, it has bus stops throughout the city.


in 1965 SPTS bought out the Railway line that had been used in Seaport for 50 years and designed a quicker, faster, passenger rail line, in 1981 Seaport designed a underground rail line, it is used buy hundreds of thousands every day to get around the city.


In 1961 Seaport founded "Seaport Cab" ever since it sounded in 1961, the cabs drop you of anywhere within city limits, its is used by thousands everyday, in 1978 Cab-Corp was founded by SPTS, it carrys most the same policys and rules and "Seaport Cab" as it only drives in the city limits.