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Seaport is a fictional city and region in northern New Zealand, It replaces Auckland and it has a population of 2 Million+


  • The city was founded in 1845 by English explorers.
  • The english bought and stole land from the Maori.
  • The tribe of Tenetene was the last to be destroyed.
  • In 1891 Seaport was named the Capital of New Zealand, but this was taken away in 1899 for unkown reasons.
  • Since the 60s Seaport has had the highest crime rate in New Zealand
  • Seaport is the Media capital of New Zealand.


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North SeaportEdit

The Borough was founded in 1890 and quickly grew to be a high residential area, today the Borough contains 5 Neighborhoods, including Hoodly, Sellville, North Heights and Southern Park, the neghborhood also has a high crime rate.


The Borough of "Ticks" was founded in 1901 under the name Bridgedale, but in 1929 the Boroughs name was changed to Ticks, the reason for this is unkown to this day, As of 2014 the neighborhood has a High Crime rate and also contains several gangs inluding but not limited to, Fourseas, Elfos and Lightning MC.

South SeaportEdit

South Seaport was founded in 1899 as a town, but in 1941 it became a Borough in the city of Seaport, South Seaport is one of the most famous boroughs in New Zealand, it contains the largest gang in New Zealand, the South Hunters and multiple other small and big gangs, South Seaport is mostly made up of Residential and Commercial areas, it also mostly contains lower rise buildings.


Often mistaken as a Borough, Downtown is the high rise Commercial area of Seaport, it is the Largest Neighborhood (Not Borough) in Seaport, Southern downtown, contains Hipster homes, Central Downtown contains High rise buildings, including the famous "Cliff X Media Tower" it is the tallest building in New Zealand.